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LCD screen (option): Visual and audible alerts (QR codes for user help)

Card design software: CardPresso XXS

System software and drivers: Evolis Premium Suite with optimized user experience on 

Windows, Mac & Linux

Compatible devices: Computer, Smartphone & Tablet

Warranty: 3 Years* & 2 Years* on Head.

Description: The Evolis Primacy2 is a high-performance ID card printer that offers fast, reliable, and affordable printing. It features a modular design that allows you to add new features and capabilities as needed, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.


Print technology: Dye-sublimation

Print resolution: 300 dpi

Print speed: Up to 280 cards per hour (single-sided), up to 140 cards per hour (dual-sided)

Card capacity: 100 cards input hopper, 100 cards output hopper, 50 cards reject hopper

Encoding options: Magnetic stripe, contact chip, contactless chip

Warranty: 3 years


Modular design for easy upgrades

High-quality dye-sublimation printing

Fast print speeds

Large card capacity

Variety of encoding options

Eco-designed with low energy consumption and noise levels


Produce high-quality ID cards quickly and efficiently

Create custom ID cards to meet your specific needs

Protect your ID cards from counterfeiting

Reduce your environmental impact

Use cases:

Employee ID cards

Student ID cards

Membership cards

Gift cards

Payment cards

Access control cards

Event badges

Why choose the Evolis Primacy2 ID card printer?

The Evolis Primacy2 is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes because it offers a combination of features and benefits that make it a great value for the price. It is fast, reliable, and versatile, and it can be used to create a wide variety of ID cards. Additionally, the Primacy2 is eco-designed, which means that it is energy-efficient and has a low environmental impact.

If you are looking for a high-performance ID card printer that offers a good balance of features, price, and performance, the Evolis Primacy2 is a great option to consider.

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